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Your body wants to heal.  Stop insulting it.”

    -Lane Sebring, M.D. 


Safe Hormone Therapy for Women
Bio-Identical Hormones? Yes! Designer Hormones? No!

Hormone replacement therapy has become a very complicated issue, but it is governed by a few simple principles. By understanding and following these principles you will be able to determine if hormone replacement is appropriate for you. If it seems a contradiction that the same hormones that help build strong bodies when we are young…


A Different Theory of Aging
How To Use It To Our Advantage!

Everywhere I put my stethoscope on this guy, all I heard was tight whooshing sounds in
his carotid, radial and femoral arteries and even his renal arteries in his lower back.
They were as hard as the pipes he fit together as a plumber before he retired two weeks
earlier. His blood pressure was running 270/240. I’d never had seen blood pressure that
high before, and hadn’t…


Recognizing Our Biological Past
Treating Disease with the Body’s Own Chemistry

Traditionally, the physician has been considered as knowing more about health care
than anyone. This is absolutely true when it comes to emergency medicine. No one can
compare to the American physician when it comes to this. If you have been injured in a
serious accident, you are far better off if that injury occurs in America, but when it comes
to chronic disease and maintaining good health, the modern physician has few tools
beyond a prescription pad for pharmaceuticals or…


There’s Nothing More Beautiful
Than The Human Female

I once wrote a short story that began with the words, “There is nothing more beautiful than the human female.” These were the words of a young boy that told the story. What does a young boy see in a woman or a young girl that he finds so beautiful?  I suspect the beauty he saw…



Dr. Lane Sebring

Speaking Engagements

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Paleo F(x) 2014

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Central Texas World Future Society 2010

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 We are leading the way in integrative and regenerative medicine


We are leading the way in integrative and regenerative medicine